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GSDK77 High-Speed Wire-Moving Cutting

Product category: GSDK77 High-Speed Wire-Moving Cutting

Product model: GSDK77

Brand: Wenjie CNC

Manufacturer: Taizhou Wenjie CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Product Description

The new high-speed linear cutting machine tool manufactured by the Company changes the traditional structure and adopts the computer integrated control, which has the following characteristics:

★Efficiency: Cutting efficiency is 15,000 m3 per hour

★Low consumption: 600,000-800,000 m3/one litre of cutting fluid

★Environmental protection:

(1) It is equipped with automatic demist device, which eliminates the free oil, water and gas in the air and greatly improves the operating environment;

(2) cutting fluid adopts the exclusive formula, which requires no replacement for lifetime. When the concentration is low, it is necessary to add cutting fluid only, rather than dumping, which is free from contamination. ★It adopts the integrated computer control, which integrates computer, high-frequency power supply, driving power and electric equipment for machine tools, so that it is attractive, environmentally-friendly, easy to operate and reduces the floor area.

Worktable Size (W*L)mm250×420330×520360×600410×670460×680520×745
X,Y-axis trip(Y×X)mm200×250250×320320×400350×450400×500450×550
U,V-axis trip(U×V)mm70×70
Max load weightkg200250350400450600
Max linear cutting thicknessmm250400mm(330)500mm(430)500mm(430)500mm(430)500mm(430)
Machined taper/work piece thickness
Z-axis elevation mode
Manual/electric elevation
Type of guide track
Slide guide
Electrode wire diameter rangemmФ0.15~0.20mm
Wire speedm/sec1~11.4m/sec 7 frequency conversion adjustable
Machining accuracymm≤0.015
Max cutting efficiencymm²/min≥250
Optimum surface roughnessumRa≤2.5
Control mode
X, Y, U, V stepper motor
Number of control axis
Four-axis linkage
Min instruction unitmm0.001
Power supply
Three-phase four-wire 380VAC/50HZ
Max operating currentA12
Machine tool power consumptionkw<2
Working fluid
Special for Wenjie (self-made), equipped with a concentration meter
Working fluid tank volumeL55
Work liquid filtrate way
Strainer, magnetic plate
Host weightkg8009001000110013001400
Host outline sizemm1060×800×11001400×900×13501500×1200×14001600×1300×14001700×1400×14001750×1500×1400