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Impact of the medium-speed wire-moving transport mechanism on the broken wire

May. 22, 2019

The medium-speed wire-moving transport mechanism is composed of guide wheel, wire-storing barrel and wire rack. When the precision inside the medium-speed wire-moving transport mechanism slowly decreases, it will lead to axial and radial movement inside the wire-storing barrel, of course, the precision here refers mainly to the precision of the drive bearing.

In the event of radial movement between medium-speed wire-moving storage barrel, it will lead to a gradual decrease in the tension between the electrode wires inside, and then result in loose wire. In serious cases, it may even cause the molybdenum wire to be removed from the guide wheel groove inside the medium-speed wire-moving cutting machine, and even be broken. In addition, the axial movement between wire-storing barrels will also lead to the uneven arrangement of wires, and wire stacking may sometimes occur.

There may be some clearance between bearing, shaft and other parts inside the wire-storing barrel due to wear, and it is easy to cause the medium-speed wire to be broken, so it is necessary to timely replace the bearing, shaft and other parts that are worn inside the machine. When the wire-storing barrel is reversed, it will cause the molybdenum wire inside to be burnt out in a very short time due to high temperature if the high-frequency power supply inside is not cut off. Therefore, be sure to check if the wire-storing barrel at the back of the travel switch is normal and if there is any failure.

If you want to keep the rotation between the guide wheel and the wire-storing barrel very flexible, you shall pay attention to whether the molybdenum wires inside shake when they go back and forth. If so, you shall analyze the cause. Moreover, only by properly adjusting the limit stop at the rear end of the wire-storing barrel can prevent the wire-storing barrel from being broken due to going beyond the limit stroke of the machine tool.

In view of the contact between the normal and fast-moving molybdenum wire in the wire-blocking device and the limit stop, it is likely to lead to grooves and lead to the broken clamp wire, so it is necessary to replace them in a timely manner, and check the precision of the wire transport mechanism in the use of the medium-speed wire-moving machine tool.

Impact of the medium-speed wire-moving transport mechanism on the broken wire

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