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What Is The Significance Of The Smoothness Of Medium Wire Cutting?

Jul. 06, 2020

As we all know, the smoothness of Medium Wire Cutting is getting closer and closer to slow wire cutting, but if other data parameters are integrated, is this true? If everyone is blind to the pursuit of finish, regardless of the accuracy of its processing, what meaning does this finish have? It is worth thinking about.

Since the birth of medium wire cutting, basically, even if it is a general high frequency, if the debugging is better, it can reach about Ra1.0um. Of course, this refers to cutting thin workpieces. The higher the key. If machining thick workpieces, it may be difficult to achieve. Especially when repairing a high workpiece, a lot of wire marks will be produced, which is the pain point of the industry.

What is the significance of the smoothness of the Wire Cutting? Since the general machine cutting thin workpieces can mostly reach the roughness of Ra1.0um, even the worst can guarantee Ra1.4um, of course, some individual can reach Ra0.8um, especially some manufacturers can reach Ra0. The finish of 4um is close to the mirror finish. While the wire cutting process guarantees the finish, we must investigate its root cause and ensure its accuracy.

Everyone knows that the middle wire cutting has a good finish, so it is mainly used in precision processing of mold parts, some of which are used for forming parts, and some are used for fitting parts, or sliding parts. If it is a sliding part and a forming part, the requirements on the finish will be relatively high. These will use slow wire cutting or mirror electrical processing to discharge, or even polishing. However, if it is some immovable inserts or inserts, the most important thing is to ensure the accuracy of its tolerance, otherwise even if the finish is no matter how good, if the upper and lower waist drums cannot be solved, then the smoothness of the middle wire cutting is lost Its meaning.

Therefore, the significance of the smoothness of the middle wire cutting is to ensure accuracy while maximizing the finish. If you can not guarantee the accuracy and error of the upper and lower waist drum. No matter how good the finish is, it loses its significance, and all of this should be based on the overall stability including processing speed and three indicators.

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