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Safety Operation Rules For Wire Electric Discharge Machining

Jul. 20, 2019

In order to ensure the safe production of Wire Electric Discharge Machining, Blol intelligently reminds operators of the safety protection measures that must be done:

Wire Electric Discharge Machining

Wire Electric Discharge Machining

1. The operator must receive special qualification training according to the regulations and obtain the corresponding qualification certificate;

2. Check the electricity/air source, water source, electricity/air pressure before operation (when the output pressure of the oxygen cylinder is lower than 0.1MPa, replace the new gas in time), and whether the PE line is normal;

3. Check whether there are inflammable or explosive materials (including pipelines with inflammable and explosive gases) within 10 meters on both sides of the guide rail near the CNC Electric Spark Wire Cutting Machine;

4. The operator must wear personal protective equipment - work clothes, protective glasses, respirators, etc.;

5, the operator must strictly abide by the general welder, manual gas welding (cutting) safety operation procedures and safety rules for rubber hoses, oxygen cylinders, various industrial cutting cylinders and torch safety operating rules

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