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Linear Cutting—Big-Swing Taper Linear Cutting Machine Tool

Product category: Big-swing taper linear cutting machine tool

Product model: Big-swing 0-90°

Brand: Wenjie CNC

Manufacturer: Taizhou Wenjie CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Product Description

Product description: Wenjie"s big-tapered linear cutting machine tool is characterized by large stroke, high speed, high precision, high degree of automation, heavy duty and strong specialty, and it is at the leading level at home and abroad, so that it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, military and other fields. Invention patent: ZL201010151645.7, utility model patent: ZL201020164058.7. Wenjie CNC big-tapered linear cutting machine tool has a good taste, high quality, super stability and low price!

Main features:

1. It integrates the traditional VC taper structure composed of the upper plate, medium plate and bottom plate into a plate equipped with Type II guideway, which reduces the parts and simplifies the structure. More importantly, it installs the traditional U-shaped guideway and V-shaped guideway on the same plane, which makes it easy to ensure its vertical accuracy and greatly reduces the difficulty in machining and assembly.

2. It changes the traditional layered suspended structure composed of cantilever, top plate, lower plate, bottom plate and upper arm to the supporting structure, and optimizes the mechanical properties, which have a positive impact especially on maintaining the precision of the guideway pair in the direction of UV.

3. Pendulum shaft link mechanism is one of the decisive factors affecting the machining precision of large taper, while the unique precise pendulum shaft link mechanism is the guarantee of big-tapered cutting precision.

4. The UV driving mechanism adopts the high-grade linear guideway of Taiwan HIWIN, precision ball screw and angular contact bearing structure to improve driving stability and accuracy.

5. The dovetailed sliding block lifting structure is characterized by force balance and smooth guide, stable adjustment of guide frame interval, convenient operation and strong rigidity.

Worktable Size (W*L)mm460×680564×900700×1060850×1340900×1500
X,Y-axis trip(Y×X)mm400×500500×630630×800800×1000800×1200
U,V-axis trip(U×V)mm320×320320×320320×320370×370370×370
Max load weightkg500800110015002000
Max linear cutting thicknessmm400500500700700
Machined taper/work piece thickness
60°/200mm Taper model of swing guide Wheel
Z-axis elevation mode
electric elevation
Type of guide track
Slide guide
Electrode wire diameter range mmФ0.10~0.20mm
Wire speedm/sec1~11.4m/sec 7 frequency conversion adjustable
Machining accuracymm≤0.015
Max cutting efficiencymm²/min≥120
Optimum surface roughnessumRa≤3.0
Control mode
X, Y, U, V stepper motor
Number of control axis
Four-axis linkage
Min instruction unitmm0.001
Power supply
Three-phase four-wire 380VAC/50HZ 
Max operating currentA10
Machine tool power consumptionkw≤2
Working fluid
DX-1 DX-4 Nanguang-1
Working fluid tank volumeL55
Work liquid filtrate way
Host weightkg14002200300050006000
Host outline sizemm1700×1400×14002100×1700×17402400×2250×16503000×2500×20003000×2700×2200