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What Are The Commonly Used Functions Of Wire Edm Machine Tools?

Jun. 06, 2020

What are the commonly used functions of wire EDM machine tools? The principle of the EDM wire cutting machine is that a couple of scientists in the Soviet Union accidentally touched the switch socket and produced a spark. It was found that the electric spark can corrode metal objects. Therefore, all his functions are inseparable from this essence, he must be the principle of EDM. It belongs to a kind of metal cutting without cutting force, which is not equivalent to all metal cutting machine tools on the market with cutting force.

What are the commonly used functions of wire EDM machine tools? If we look at it from a micro perspective, it is too much. For example, the wire cutting the machine itself has a broken wire alarm, short circuit retreat, program programming, processing according to the program, sending instructions to the stepper motor for processing, and according to the program. Cutting, as well as the function of adjusting the high frequency, the function of adjusting the tracking and speed limit, these functions will be described in detail in the manufacturer's machine tool manual and machine tool training, we have to understand, this is something that the operator must understand here I will not repeat them one by one. CNC wire cutting machine tool suppliers here only do some simple science knowledge for those who do not understand, have no contact, or who do not understand wire EDM wire cutting machine tools.

What are the commonly used functions of EDM? Here we will describe in detail the macro functions. Wire EDM machine tools are widely used in metal cutting. The workpiece must be metal or semiconductor. If it is non-conductor, wire EDM cannot be processed.

The motor for EDM wire cutting is a molybdenum wire, which is like a linear shape. Using this wire to cut into the required shape, we can draw from this that the workpiece cut must be a through type. If we want to process a The hole, there is no way to do it.

EDM wire cutting machine, used in the mold processing, can process insert holes. The keyway of the gear can be processed. It can process the shape of any metal parts. In addition, it can get a complex, three-D shape by processing and clamping multiple times. Wire EDM can process disc saw blade cutters, various shaped cutters, and tungsten steel sheets. Processing of die casting mould parts. Plastic mould parts processing. Especially for metal stamping die application is more extensive. Also for the processing of precision parts. With the continuous development of wire EDM, it is increasingly approaching the technology of slow wire cutting.

Compared to laser cutting machines. Wire EDM machines can process workpieces from the thinnest to 0.1 mm to the highest two meters. At present, the laser cutting machine can only cut workpieces up to 50 mm.

What are the commonly used functions of wire EDM machine tools? The function is just to cut, but the application field is very wide.

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