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Speed Of High-Speed Wire Edm Wire Cutting Machine

Jun. 06, 2020

What is the speed of high-speed wire EDM wire cutting machine? High-speed wire cutting is different from low-speed wire cutting. Slow wire walking is unidirectional wire walking, and the speed is relatively low, which belongs to the category of low-speed wire cutting. And our domestic high-speed wire-cutting is a reciprocating wire-cutting, and the molybdenum wire runs very fast, so it is called a high-speed wire-cutting machine.

What is the current speed of high-speed wire EDM? Come to understand with CNC wire cutting machine supplier!

The processing speed of high-speed wire cutting before 2010 is very low. Until the development of wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools in mid-2010, the processing speed exceeded the conventional fast-cutting wire-cutting machine, reaching an efficiency of cutting 8,000 square meters per hour, which is what we call a high-speed wire cutting machine, and then developed step by step. Later we were on this one. In turn, the set of high-speed high-frequency the high-frequency wire is applied to the fast-wire wire cutting machine. Such users of high-speed wire EDM wire cutting machine tools. When many people still don't believe in the speeding wire cutting of the Speedmaster, they fought a beautiful turn.

Speed Of High-Speed Wire Edm Wire Cutting Machine

The speed of high-speed wire EDM wire cutting machine, theoretically speaking, the pursuit of speed is the ultimate of single data, which is actually impossible. While pursuing speed, we must take into account the smoothness of the cutting workpiece and the accuracy of the workpiece. They are Complementing each other, there are currently 30,000 square meters of high frequency processed on the market. Although there is no strong proof, I am afraid that according to this trend, some people in the industry will generate 100,000 square meters of high frequency. Its extreme limit data is beyond reproach, and this is also the ultimate goal of technological development, but we must not ignore one very important one on this road. One, the customer must need the stability of the entire machine tool, pay attention to the actual machine tool, Processing experience and comprehensive efficiency and comprehensive stability.

At present, the relatively stable speed is about 10,000 square meters per hour, because this data is a data obtained after the test of the market. With the promotion of high-speed machines in the past few years, the current speed of high-speed wire-cutting machine tools has also increased. Polarization is coming and going. On the one hand, it is desperately bragging, expanding to tens of thousands of square meters per hour, and another 10,000 square meters of efficiency, which is recognized by the industry.

The speed of high-speed wire EDM wire cutting machine is not the most critical. Stability is the only way to ensure speed!

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