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Maintenance of cutting fluid in WEDM

Apr. 10, 2020

The CNC Machine Tool Manufacturer will introduce you to the maintenance of the cutting fluid in EDM:

In the process of cutting by Wire Cutting EDM Holes Machine, the cutting fluid needs regular maintenance, so what is the cutting fluid? The cutting fluid used for EDM is mainly a lubricant used to cool the processed metal. The main components are oil and paste, but the cutting fluid used for EDM for different metal materials are slightly different, so when choosing the cutting fluid in the wire EDM process, it is necessary to consider the properties of the cutting material.

Environmentally Friendly DK77 Fast Speed WEDM

Environmentally Friendly DK77 Fast Speed WEDM

So how is the cutting fluid used during the Electrical Discharge Machine cutting process? The choice of cutting fluid is generally based on the material of wire EDM and cutting equipment. You can choose the saponification block, emulsification paste, the water-based working fluid, and other different cutting fluids. Moreover, the groove liquid of EDM wire needs to be configured by the production workers before the production operation, and low hardness water, emulsified oil, etc. are added according to a specific ratio to form an emulsified groove liquid, and when the microemulsion is selected Water-based fully synthetic cutting fluid, but because the material targeted for wire EDM is subject to corrosion, it is necessary to add a certain proportion of water glass and other mitigating agents to the cutting fluid. The maintenance process of EDM wire cutting. Under normal circumstances, the concentration of the bath used for wire EDM fluctuates between 3% and 10%, and the proportions in winter and summer are different. The concentration also needs to be increased accordingly to achieve the purpose of rust prevention and lubrication.

Of course, like wire EDM equipment parts, both cutting fluid and bath fluid require regular maintenance and replacement. In the working fluid tank of wire EDM, special filtering equipment should be placed, so as to effectively block the oil residue and the material waste that falls into the working fluid tank during cutting, and the filtering equipment should also periodically remove the waste and clean it. of. After cleaning the filtering equipment, it is necessary to add the original bath liquid, water, and sterilant to the working liquid tank. The purpose of this is to make the bath liquid use more smoothly and the effect is better. Although it is necessary to clear the filter and add the original liquid regularly, after completing the wire EDM, the operator also needs to use acid and alkali measuring instruments to test the acidity and alkalinity of the bath periodically, and the pH of the bath must be controlled Between 8 and 9, the PH value of high-quality wire EDM tank liquid is over 9. If the PH value is too low, you need to supplement the original liquid to adjust.

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