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How To Locate The Performance Of Wire Cutting In The Wire And Correctly Understand Its Development

Apr. 16, 2020

The cutting efficiency of CNC Linear Cutting Machines For Sale is an important index to evaluate the performance of a wire cutting machine. For example, the high efficiency of the slow wire cutting machine can generally reach 300mm2 / min. Due to the different processing principles, the efficiency of medium wire and fast wire is also different. For the slow wire, since the electrode wire is used once, no matter how much the wire is consumed, as long as the wire is continuous, the processing is continuous, so his high efficiency is his normal working efficiency. However, the situation is completely different for medium wire cutting machine tools. Since the electrode wire is used cyclically and repetitively, the wire consumption directly affects the length of continuous cutting, so the wire cutting efficiency in the evaluation must be additional conditions for continuous cutting of more than 20,000mm2 (this is the cutting area of generally small and medium-sized molds). Therefore, for medium wire (including fast wire) wire cutting machine tools, large cutting efficiency (abbreviated as large efficiency) and normal working cutting efficiency (abbreviated as working efficiency) are two completely different concepts, and they are of real value to users. The indicator is not efficiency but work efficiency.

The fierce market competition and the market's frustration with China's fast-moving wire have spawned countless CNC cutting machine manufacturers, allowing users to be dazzled by the selection. How to correctly assess the technical indicators of wire-traveling is the key to avoid being deceived.

Super Machine Tool Fast Speed WEDM

Super Machine Tool Fast Speed WEDM

The evaluation of a medium wire cutting machine must start from two aspects. One is accuracy, roughness, and other technical indicators, and the other is operability. This is a concrete manifestation of the machine tool. Without operability, technical indicators are meaningless. Users must not only focus on accuracy and roughness. Because of this, it is difficult for most of the wire-traveling machine tools to reach the user's publicity target after reaching the user. It can be seen that high indicators must be based on convenient operations. Only with machine tools with high automation control, users can easily obtain the benefits brought by high indicators. Therefore, the evaluation of machine tools must first examine the operability.

How to correctly understand the development of wire cutting technology in China? The medium wire cutting machine is the inevitable development direction of the Chinese-style reciprocating wire cutting machine, and it is the updated product of the fast wire cutting machine. Due to different market demands, wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools will also develop into market positions of three different grades and different prices like slow-moving wire-cutting machine tools. With the continuous innovation and development of the middle wire cutting technology, the high-end middle wire cutting machine will be equally divided with the entry-level slow wire cutting machine, and will gradually replace it.

The technical difficulty of the medium wire cutting machine is the large area of low roughness cutting, such as Ra = 1.0 ~ 1.2um and the processing surface is more than 25000m㎡. If the high-frequency power supply, tracking speed and wire transport cannot be fully automated, yes It is difficult to achieve, it can be seen that high-frequency electrical parameter control, feed tracking control, and electrode wire dynamic control is fully automated control, that is, the expert system is an indispensable core technology of wire cutting machine tools.

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