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Routine Maintenance Of Wire-Cutting Machine Tools

Apr. 26, 2020

Daily maintenance of wire cutter

The cutting liquid concentration should be between 8 and 12.5, and the water tank should not be less than half of the water level

Clean up exterior oil stains on machine tools and control cabinets

Clean the work surface to prevent corrosion and prevent the accumulation of conductive materials

Lubricate the lead screw and guide rail of the reel

Adjust the molybdenum wire tension in time

XY lead rail lubricated, UV taper head lubricated and moved (weekly)

Routine inspection of wire cutter

Check: operation status of electric control cabinet fan

Clean: impurities at the bottom of the tank

Treatment: loss and displacement of conductive block, trace of molybdenum wire shall not exceed half diameter of molybdenum wire

Clean: the dirt of the wire mechanism to ensure the path of molybdenum wire without obstruction

Check: whether the connection terminals of electrical appliances are fastened and lossless

Check: guide wheel assembly, to ensure smooth wire running without obvious large jump, otherwise need to replace

Replacement: filter core, filter sponge, non-woven cloth of working table, cutting fluid (as the case may be)

Lubrication: parts and components of the moving parts of the machine

Maintenance: key parts of machine tools

Loose: top wire of guide wheel

Maintenance of wire cutter

Regulating wheel assembly replacement cycle is 3 months (8 hours per day)

Check the wiring and sampling line to prevent loose and bad contact or water corrosion and oxidation

Clean the work surface to prevent corrosion and prevent the accumulation of conductive materials

Dust cleaning in control cabinet

Check and replace the spray panel components. If the jet direction or size is abnormal, clean or replace

Clean XY ball screw: clean with kerosene or gasoline, wipe with cotton cloth after lubrication

Electrical output voltage check measurement

Machine tool accuracy recheck

Grade C maintenance of the machine

The machine maintenance

Mainly refers to the timely failure of machine tools can not boot the machine

Major repair/upgrade

Mainly refers to the machine after running for a period of time (3-5 years or more), to carry out the replacement of essential critical parts, such as coil drum, lead screw, etc., if necessary to be shipped back to the headquarters for testing, maintenance and debugging. Software and controls are available for upgrades and modifications.

Wire-Cutting Machine

Maintenance plan

Regularly master the use of machine tools, tailored to different service agreements, to provide a year, two years, three years, five years and other maintenance programs. Preventive maintenance of machine tools, make the machine always in the most efficient state, ensure production. Let you save worry every day.

In order to maximize the utility of the machine tool and create more value for you, please treat it like a friend or partner, if you need help or assistance, please contact us.

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