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Diagnosis of common faults of electric spark wire cutting machine tool

May. 13, 2020

Principles of fault diagnosis for electric spark wire cutting machine tool

1.1 External first then internal

With the continuous improvement of the control system of EDM machine tools, the probability of failure of the control part is getting smaller and smaller, and most of the failures are not caused by the control and trigger circuits of the single-board computer or other core parts, but by external Caused by damage to circuits or devices. Therefore, maintenance personnel should start from the outside to gradually check inwards. Do not arbitrarily disassemble the trigger circuit board, change the system parameter settings, arbitrarily adjust the operating mode, etc., this may lead to new failures.

1.2 Machine first then electric

EDM machine tools are most prone to mechanical failures, and these failures are often not easy to find. The failure caused by wearing pants is a typical example. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should first start from the mechanical part of the local scope of the failure, observe carefully, and carefully check the failure, such as whether there are cracks, looseness, fracture, splitting, etc. Rather than immediately check for electrical failures such as open circuits, short circuits, and damage to components.

electric spark wire cutting machine tool

electric spark wire cutting machine tool

1.3 Theory before practice

The control circuit of the EDM machine tool is relatively uncomplicated, which makes some maintenance personnel do not look at the schematic diagram provided by the manufacturer, do not analyze the root cause of the failure, and blindly carry out live maintenance operations, which will lead to further expansion of the failure. Maintenance personnel should carefully analyze the cause of the fault on the basis of understanding the fault situation, and theoretically clarify the method of solving the fault before putting it into practice.

1.4 Simple first then complicated

Some faults are caused by many factors. At this time, you should follow the simple first and then the complicated procedure, first solve the troubles with low difficulty, deal with these hidden dangers properly, and then solve the troubles with more difficulty. When resolving difficult faults, they should be reduced to zero, and the simple parts should be solved first, and then the complex parts should be processed. After simple problems are often solved, difficult problems may also be solved.

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