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Electrical Failure Of Fully Automatic CNC Machine Tool

Oct. 19, 2019

CNC machine tool is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool with program control system. The control system is capable of logically processing a program having control code or other symbolic instruction specifications, decodes it, and uses a coded digital representation to input the numerical control device through the information carrier. Through the arithmetic processing, various control signals are issued by the numerical control device to control the movement of the machine tool, and the parts are automatically processed according to the shape and size required by the drawings. His appearance has greatly reduced manpower, is more convenient and faster, and has created many conveniences for many manufacturing companies. So what are the main aspects of electrical faults in fully automatic CNC machine tools? As a Low Loss CNC Machine Tool Supplier, we can give you some suggestions.

First of all, you need to understand the structural characteristics of the fully automatic CNC machine. The three-axis automatic CNC machine tool adopts linear rolling guide, which is driven by absolute value servo motor. The linear row cutter structure has the characteristics of quick tool change. The numerical control system has perfect functions and easy operation. According to the processing needs of the parts, the side power head can be selected to realize the combined machining of drilling and milling. Equipped with an automatic feeder for automated production.

Automatic CNC machine tools mainly cause electrical faults in daily life, which affects the normal operation. What are the electrical faults of automatic CNC machine tools?

CNC Linear Cutting Machine Tool

CNC Linear Cutting Machine Tool

1. Electrical failure on the machine body. This type of fault can first use the alarm number prompt of the machine self-diagnosis function, consult the ladder diagram or check the status of the i/o interface signal, according to the weekly paper, data, troubleshooting flowchart and adjustment method provided by the automatic CNC machine tool maintenance copy. And combined with the experience of the staff, this method is also applicable to CNC Linear Cutting Machine Tool.

2. And the inspection department is faulty. This type of fault can use the alarm number of the computer self-diagnosis function, the status indicator of each information on the computer and servo amplifier drive board, the fault alarm indicator, refer to the shape and voltage value of the pivot test point on the maintenance copy. Computers, servo amplifier boards related to parameter settings, short-circuit pin settings and related potentiometer adjustments, functional compatibility boards or replacement boards to make diagnostics and troubleshooting.

3. The computer department is faulty. This type of fault mainly uses the alarm number of the computer self-diagnosis function, the information status indicator on each board of the computer, the waveform and voltage value of each pivot test point, the adjustment of each relevant potentiometer, the setting of each short-circuit pin, and the relevant machine parameter values. The settings, special diagnostic components, and refer to the computer control system maintenance manual, electrical diagrams, etc. for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

4. AC spindle control system failure. When the AC spindle control system fails, you should first understand whether the operator has accidental operation that does not comply with the operating regulations, whether the power supply voltage has risen abnormally, and whether the appearance check has a short circuit trip or a fuse disconnection. failure. If not, reconfirm that it belongs to the alarm display type fault. There is still no alarm display type fault, depending on the details.

The above is the main aspect of the electrical faults of CNC machine tools. I hope to help everyone after the failure of CNC machine tools. In addition, if you are interested in CNC machine tools, you can contact us, we are a Reliable CNC Machine Tool Factory, I believe that our products will certainly satisfy you.

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