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CNC Wire Cutting Machine Operating Procedures

Oct. 23, 2019

With the continuous development of CNC wire-cutting machine technology, CNC wire-cutting machine tools have gradually penetrated into people's daily lives. So how much do you know about the operating procedures of CNC wire-cutting machines? A Reliable CNC Machine Tool Factory will come to tell you.

The shortcut for wire cutting machines is the WEDM machine. It belongs to an electric machining machine invented in the Soviet Union in 1960. Its basic physical principle is that electrons and only positive ions accumulate in the field, forming conductive channels through which they can be ionized. Turn on the switch knob. Check the switch knob in the circuit breaker of the EDM machine to turn on the AC regulated power supply. When you turn on the power switch, you must turn on the power switch, then turn on the high voltage switch, then wait five minutes to connect them with the negative wire.

The basic operation procedure is as follows: After checking the power switch is turned on, the wire cutter console must first check whether the neon digital tube power supply is stable, whether the output data is normal, and then enter the information, and test run after 5 minutes. If the cutting is normal, you can deal with. High-frequency power switch The high-frequency power switch inside the WEDM machine should be placed in a position that is closed before the part is machined. The high frequency power supply can only be turned on when the molybdenum wire is in operation, and the high frequency power supply voltage must be maintained at 60 to 80 volts to be more suitable. The high frequency power supply must be turned off before stopping.

CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

Drop it and put in the coolant. The cutting process must put some coolant on the machine. Especially when the molybdenum wire contacts the parts, it must check whether the electro-hydraulic value and voltage inside the high-frequency power supply are normal and cannot be processed under arc conditions. If the wire cutter fails, the high frequency power supply must be cut off immediately, and then the cause of the failure must be analyzed, and the electrical box cannot be placed with anything else, especially metal equipment. Do not touch parts or wires with your hands or conductors. Do not touch other appliances or switches with wet hands.

In addition, there are also precautions when using CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool. As we all know, the technology of CNC wire-cutting machine tools has been widely valued by the industry. The machined parts of the wire-cutting machine are very close, so there are many aspects to be aware of during use. The following is a brief description of where to use the wire-cutting machine.

The temperature changes are small. Make sure the temperature changes slightly, especially when the sun shines in from windows or windows or near heat sources. Otherwise, it will affect the work of the wire cutting machine.

1. Processing high-precision parts must be in a constant temperature environment, the appropriate room temperature should be around 20 degrees Celsius.

2. Wire Cutting Machine EDM will generate a large amount of heat during operation. If the ambient temperature changes too much, it will reduce the service life of the machine. Choose to block the room. In fact, the discharge process of a wire EDM machine is an arc discharge process, so when it is discharged, it will generate strong electromagnetic waves, which will cause serious harm to human life and health, and also to the surrounding environment. Cause certain negative effects.

In order for the EDM machine and the operator to work in the environment, a spacious, well-ventilated workshop must be chosen.

1. There must be a certain gap between the surface of the part and the molybdenum wire. The width of the gap must be determined by the processing conditions such as the number of processing and the working voltage.

2. The cutting machine also needs to place a specific insulating liquid in the process. For example, deionized water, kerosene or saponified oil, etc., the requirement for such good insulation is actually more convenient to generate pulse spark discharge, and the liquid medium can also eliminate the gap in the corrosion product, so it is necessary to pay attention to the use of electric spark in the future. Wire cutting machine. It is not a machine that can be used casually. If used properly, you can increase productivity.

The above is about the operating procedures of CNC wire-cutting machine tools, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

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