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The Faster The Wire Cutter Is, The Better?

Oct. 30, 2019

The wire cutting machine is a kind of machine tool specially used for cutting metal. It is one of the most commonly used machine tools in production and construction. The speed of different wire cutting machines is different. The cutting speed of the machine is determined by the wire cutting machine. In general, it can be divided into a slow wire cutting machine and a fast wire cutting machine, as well as a vertical self-rotating Wire Cutting Machine EDM.

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

The wire cutting machine has multiple cutting functions (same as slow wire cutting). During processing, the control system will automatically adjust the machining parameters according to the programming procedure (high frequency pulse width, interpulse, number of power tubes and wire speed). ), and at the same time, the processing parameters can be artificially changed and adjusted appropriately.

The wire cutting machine has the processing method of taking three retreats. This processing method is the processing method used by most of the medium-speed wire in the market. The processing principle is that the wire is automatically reversed. After three seconds, the two are reversed. Seconds to ensure that the molybdenum wire moves forward gradually. The travel time of most machine tools on the market is fixed and unchangeable, but the control system can be adjusted in time, and the time can be adjusted from 3 seconds to 10 seconds to suit the processing requirements, so as to avoid unnecessary waste. However, this method is suitable for processing situations where the requirements are not very high, because although the surface of the processed things does not have stripes on the surface, there are still some, just because the processing steps are reduced, too dense, and can not be seen. So the faster the wire cutter is, the better? CNC Cutting Machine Tool Manufacturer will come to tell you.

For wire-cutting machines, the faster it is, the better it is. It depends on the industrial application. If you need a slow-cutting process, you use a fast-traveling machine or a process that requires fast cutting. Machine tools can cause industrial production failures, and even slow down the efficiency of the entire production line. Therefore, when using wire-cutting machine tools, choose the right type of machine tools.

The wire cutting machine suffers from the loss of the electrode wire, the structure and precision of the mechanical part, the open-loop control of the feed system, the change of the conductivity of the working fluid during processing, the temperature change of the processing environment and the characteristics of its own processing (such as the speed of the wire). The machining accuracy of the machine tool is limited due to factors such as more vibration sources and larger wear of the guide wheel. With the current status of the machine tool, it is difficult to compete with the low-speed wire cutting machine in terms of machining accuracy in a short period of time, and the cost of research and development will be high, and the manufacturing cost of the machine tool will be greatly improved. It is not appropriate to consider from the perspective of reality and market. Therefore, the development strategy of the high-speed wire cutting machine is to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, to develop medium and low-grade machine tools, so that the machine tools can be developed to the appropriate processing precision, good processing stability and easy operation to meet the evolving production needs.

The above is the explanation about whether the speed of the wire cutter is faster and better. I hope to bring some inspiration to everyone. In addition, if you are interested in CNC machine tools or wire cutting machines, you can contact us, we as a professional and Reliable CNC Machine Tool Factory, can provide you with high quality CNC machine tools, welcome you.

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