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Wire Cutting Machine Operation Detailed

Nov. 06, 2019

Everyone knows that wire-cutting machines need to follow safe operating procedures during use. For example, washing machines and other household appliances are so important. You can understand more detailed, the following Taper CNC Machine Tool Supplier and you briefly introduce the safe operation of the wire-cutting machine, I hope to help you.

For example, before operating the wire cutting machine, make sure that the connections of the various parts of the machine are normal. In addition to the basic connection of the socket wires, the connection between the machine itself and the control box needs special attention. The machine needs to use a high pulse power supply during operation, so the operator needs to determine the safe start of the high pulse power supply before use.

Secondly, in the safety operation manual of the Wire Cut Machine Tool, there is an important reminder that during the operation of the machine tool, the operator must remember that the body should not be close to the cutting machine, because the machine cutting speed is fast, the power is high, and the danger Strong, the machine tool is used to cut metal. If the human body is in contact with the cutting part, the consequences are unimaginable, so learn more about the safety operation manual.

Wire Cut Machine Tool

Wire Cut Machine Tool

The MS-WEDM finish is composed of two elements. One is the size of the pit by a single discharge. Its RZ is usually between 0.05μ and 1.5μ, which is secondary to the cutting finish. The second is the convex and concave stripe caused by the commutation. Its RZ is usually between 1μ~50μ, and it is also possible to be larger than 0.1MM. This is the most important factor that constitutes the wire-cut finish. At the same time, it is accompanied by the black and white stripes of the reversal, which gives a strong visual impact.

It is easier to control the size of the pit due to a single discharge, and it is only necessary to reduce the energy of a single pulse. Only a single pulse energy is small enough to cause a thick workpiece to be cut, or even a short-circuit, non-discharge, non-sparking state, which is similar to the fine gauge in EDM, resulting in extremely low efficiency and extremely poor chip removal capability. Unstable processing. Moreover, the RZ caused by the discharge pit is not in the same magnitude range as the RZ caused by the commutation fringe, so controlling the RZ accompanying the commutation fringe is the most important. The precision of the guide wheel and the bearing, the constant tension of the upper and lower sides, etc., cause the inconsistency of the motion path of the wire up and down, and this mechanical factor is the main cause of the reversing convexity and concave.

Taking the following measures will improve the finish to a certain extent:

1. Appropriately reduce the pulse width and peak current, that is, reduce the size of the pit.

2. The guide wheel and bearing maintain good precision and smooth running, reduce wire shake and wire jump, and keep the wire movement track to minimize the amount of displacement.

3. The wire maintains the proper tension, and the guide wheel and the feed block are adjusted so that the tension of the work area remains unchanged when the wire is moved up and down.

4, silk should not be too tight, water should not be too new, new water is definitely beneficial for cutting efficiency, but cutting finish is not the best new water.

5. Add a splint to each of the upper and lower sides of the thin workpiece so that the commutating stripe is buffered within the range of the splint.


6. Maintain stable and loose frequency tracking.

7. The appropriate amount of re-cutting or multiple cutting, sweeping the cutting surface in the case of a small amount of cutting, will have a beneficial effect on the dimensional accuracy and smoothness, even after three sweeps, the reversing stripe will be basically removed, As long as the repeatability of the machine tool is high, the appropriate amount of progressive processing will increase the smoothness of the cut surface by one to two orders of magnitude. The effect is similar to that of the slow wire, and it takes less time. This is a fast wire cutting. 

The above is the precautions when using the wire cutting machine, I hope to help everyone.

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