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Machine Tool Market Demand Continues To Rise

Sep. 28, 2019

China's CNC Machine Tool industry is still a relatively backward industry in the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, the domestic machine tool industry has a market share of about 70% in China, while the market share of CNC machine tools is only about 43%, and the external dependence is quite high; The market share of machine tools, especially high-precision and sharp-point CNC machine tools, is less than 10%, leaving a lot of room for development of high-speed precision CNC machine tools in China.

During the period of China's economic adjustment, the expansion of infrastructure construction will drive demand for railways, wind power and power equipment, which indirectly stimulates the demand of the relevant machine tool industry. The military, aviation and other industries have relatively rigid demand for high-precision machine tools. At present, the backwardness of China's high-precision machine tools seriously restricts the development of China's aviation and national defense undertakings. The country is bound to increase investment, and the demand for military and aviation industries in the future will be It has a long-lasting driving force for the high-precision machine tool industry.

CNC Machine Tool

CNC Machine Tool

Reliable CNC Machine Tool and basic manufacturing equipment are one of the 16 major projects identified in the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020). The State Council’s Several Opinions on Accelerating the Revitalization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry And basic manufacturing equipment as one of the 16 priorities. The first batch of projects involved in the program will be officially implemented in the near future. According to the target plan of this special project, by 2020, China will form the independent development capability of the main products of CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, and about 80% of the numerical control machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment required for aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and power generation equipment manufacturing. domestic. The total investment of major machine tools reached 22.1 billion yuan. In the special investment plan of 22.1 billion yuan, the central government directly invested 10 billion yuan. The other projects were driven by the project, and the special projects were basically implemented in the form of tenders. It includes not only tenders for complete machine and CNC system products, but also project bidding for common technology research and development and innovation platform construction. At present, the prosperity of the machine tool industry has fallen sharply, and the sales of low-end and mid-range products have fallen sharply. However, the demand for products (mainly on some large and heavy-duty machine tools) is still relatively strong. From January to October 2008, the growth rate of machine tool imports was higher than that of import volume, indicating that domestic demand for high value-added machine tools is gradually increasing.

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