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The Correct Method Of Using Wire Cutting Machine

Aug. 31, 2019

Find here details of Wire Electric Discharge Machining on our website. Today we would like to talk about the correct method of using wire cutting machine.

What is the fast cut of line cutting?

Wire Electric Discharge Machining

Wire Electric Discharge Machining

In fact, the so-called fast zero calibration is to calculate the key displacement of the entire wire cutting process to check whether the machining graphics are closed, so as to verify whether the program is correct.

When a complete instruction segment is input to the controller, a seal check is usually performed before the start of machining, that is, whether the graphic of the segment is closed or not, to confirm whether the processed work piece is correct. It can automatically calculate and display the distance from the focus of a certain instruction to the starting point, which is fast and accurate. This feature is available when the user wants to check the closure of a command segment.

The specific method is shared by Reliable CNC Machine Tool Factory:

In the standby state, enter the starting segment number of the instruction to be checked, and then press the “Zero” button. The controller immediately starts counting from the initial segment number of the input. The display trace shows the command segment number that has been calculated. Automatically calculate to the end segment number and stop, showing the calculated starting segment number and ending segment number, so that the user can check whether it is correct, and then press any button to display the calculated distance from the starting point; the left The value is the distance in the X direction, and the value on the right is the distance in the Y direction.

Note: When there is skew processing, the * command must be a lead. It is possible to add compensation to the zero calibration when the calibration is fast. This is because of the rounding relationship, but as long as the accuracy is not affected, the machining can be performed; in addition, the compensation cannot be performed during the cutting, and the compensation can be performed at any time without compensation. Any instruction is zeroed; the last zero number of the school is bounded by the * symbol DD.

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