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Maintenance of cutting fluid in WEDM

Jun. 15, 2019

In the process of WEDM, cutting fluid requires regular maintenance, then what is cutting fluid. The cutting fluid used in WEDM refers mainly to a kind of lubricant for cooling the machined metal, which is composed of oil and paste. However, the cutting fluid is slightly different in the WEDM for different metal materials. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the cutting materials when selecting the cutting fluid in the process of WEDM.

In the process of WEDM, how to use the cutting fluid? The selection of the cutting fluid is generally based on the selection of WEDM materials and cutting equipment, and the cutting fluids of different textures such as saponification block, emulsifying ointment and water-based working fluid are optional. Moreover, the bath solution for WEDM needs to be prepared by production workers before production and operation, and those workers usually need to add low-hardness water and emulsified oil in a certain proportion to prepare the emulsified bath solution. In fact, they usually use water-based fully synthetic cutting fluid when selecting microemulsion. However, the materials used in WEDM are easy to be corroded, it is necessary to add a certain proportion of water glass and other moderators to the cutting fluid. As for the maintenance process of WEDM, the concentration of the bath solution selected for WEDM usually fluctuates between 3% and 10%, and the proportion is different in summer and winter. If you need to cut some smooth materials with higher smoothness requirements, you shall increase the concentration of the bath solution accordingly, so as to achieve the purpose of rust prevention and lubrication.

Of course, as with WEDM equipment parts, both cutting fluid and bath solution require regular maintenance and replacement. In the working solution tank of WEDM, the special filtration equipment shall be placed, so that it can effectively prevent the oil residue and cutting debris from entering the working solution tank, which also requires regular clearing and cleaning. After cleaning the filtration equipment, it is necessary to replenish the original bath solution, water and fungicide in the working solution tank, and the purpose of this is to make the bath solution more smooth with better effect. Although it is necessary to clean the filter and add stock solution regularly, operators also need to regularly use the acid-base measuring instrument to measure the pH value of bath solution after completing WEDM, and they need to control the pH value between 8 and 9. In addition, the pH value of quality WEDM bath solution is higher than 9. If the pH value is on the low side, it is necessary to replenish the stock solution for adjustment.

Maintenance of cutting fluid in WEDM

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