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Causes of Streaks on the Cutting Surface of a Wire Cutting Machine

Feb. 20, 2020

There are two simplest methods of wire cutting machine tool processing, which are also the least economical and irrational methods. One is to reduce the cutting speed. This method does not actually eliminate the stripes, but the cycle distance of the stripes is very small, and the eyes cannot We just don't advocate this method for identification. Another stupid method is to shorten the package stroke, which is also to shorten the stripe period and distance. These methods are not desirable. The Reliable CNC Machine Tool Manufacturer can give you a detailed introduction below.

On the surface processing stripe of a wire cutting machine after cutting, there is a light and dark stripe caused by the reciprocation of the electrode wire. It is commonly known as "water pattern". This "water pattern" does not affect the quality of the watch, but it is not beautiful. What affects the quality is the through-stripe, which is unacceptable. There are many and complicated reasons for the formation of penetrating streaks. Different reasons form streaks of different shapes. If it is cut once, the penetrating streaks will be clearly visible. If multiple cuts are used, although the surface may be smooth, but after grinding with oil stone or sandpaper Periodic through-stripes still appear, which is also caused by the through-stripes during the first cut. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate the through-stripes for the first cut.

Observe the stripes. Generally, as long as there are penetrating stripes in the X direction, the majority of cases are caused by the quality of the assembly of the lead wheel. If U-shaped stripes appear in the X direction and U-shaped stripes are also present in the Y-direction processing surface, then The explanation is caused by the excessive tension of the electrode wire. It can be seen that the possibility of penetrating striped wires in the X direction is much smaller, that is, as long as the quality of the lead wheel and bearing and the assembly quality are qualified, the penetrating stripes of the X-direction machined surface are easy to resolve.

Automation Linear Cutting Machine Tool

Automation Linear Cutting Machine Tool

If a large diameter electrode wire is used first and then a small diameter electrode wire is used, penetrating streaks are also easy to appear in the X direction. This is because the radius of the bottom of the V-groove of the guide wheel has become worn and becomes larger. The electrode wire is guided, and at this time, a small amount of rolling will occur while the electrode wire is moving rapidly. Only on the basis of the stripe silk can the Y-direction streak be resolved. The Y-direction penetrating stripe is a common phenomenon of Automation Linear Cutting Machine Tool, and its root lies in the tension control of the electrode wire. 2.1 Generation of V-shaped stripes in line cutting

When the electrode wire and the tight wire are installed, the tension control is inconsistent, that is, the tension changes from large to small during the full stroke of the wire barrel. Such a change in tension is not easily felt by the "feel". In this case, V-shaped fringes will definitely occur in the Y-direction machined surface.

In another case, when the electrode wire is newly installed, there are no V-shaped stripes, but after processing for a period of time (2 to 5 hours), V-shaped stripes will appear. This is because the conductive wheels of the machine tool damp the electrode wires. The tension of the electrode wire is changed during the whole stroke of the wire barrel. This is what we often call the "silk loose, tight" phenomenon. In severe cases, the "feel" can be felt.

Generation of U-shaped stripes in wire cutting machine tools

①. One case is that the electrode wire is too loose at the two ends of the tube near the reversing position, which can be determined by the following methods: move the tube travel limit block to the middle, shorten the tube travel and cut, if U-shaped The elimination of through-stripes indicates that the cause is judged accurately. If there are still U-shaped stripes, there is another reason as follows.

②. The U-shaped stripe at this time is a discharge instantaneous stripe. It is different from the first U-shaped stripe in that it is a U-shaped stripe but very small. This instantaneous discharge stripe is related to the resonance of the machine tool, but the cause is the electrode wire The tension is too high, that is, it is caused by the operator's failure to meet the requirements when installing the electrode wire.

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