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Process Analysis of EDM Wire Cutting Machine

Feb. 06, 2020

According to the different running speeds of electrode wires, EDM machine tools are usually divided into two categories: one is high-speed wire-wiring EDM machine (WEDM-HS), whose electrode wires make high-speed reciprocating motion, and the general wire speed is 8 ~ 10m / s, the electrode wire can be reused, and the processing speed is high, but fast wire walking is easy to cause the electrode wire to tremble and stop in the reverse direction, which reduces the processing quality.

The other type is a low-speed wire-wiring EDM wire cutting machine (WEDM-LS), whose electrode wire performs low-speed unidirectional movement. Generally, the wire speed is less than 0.2m / s. The electrode wire is no longer used after discharge, and the work is stable and uniform. , Small jitter, good processing quality, but low processing speed, is the main machine produced and used abroad.

 Stability CNC Cutting Machine Tool

Stability CNC Cutting Machine Tool 

According to the different control forms of the electrode wire movement trajectory, the Stability CNC Cutting Machine Tool can be divided into three types:


One is by imitation shape control. Before the wire cutting process, a master mold with the same shape as the workpiece is manufactured in advance. During processing, the workpiece blank and the master mold are clamped on the machine table at the same time. During the cutting process, the electrode wire move tightly against the edge of the master to make a trajectory, so as to cut out the workpiece with the same shape and accuracy as the master;


The other is the photoelectric tracking control. Before the wire cutting process, firstly draw a photoelectric tracking map according to a certain magnification according to the part pattern. During processing, the pattern is placed on the photoelectric tracking platform of the machine tool. The head always follows the trajectory movement of the ink line graphic, and then uses the electrical and mechanical linkage to control the machine tool table and the workpiece to make similar movements relative to the electrode wire, so as to cut out the workpiece with the same shape as the pattern;


The other is digital program control, which uses advanced digital automatic control technology to drive the machine tool to automatically complete the processing according to the NC machining program that is pre-programmed according to the workpiece geometric parameters before processing. There is no need to make a model template or draw an enlarged view. The first two control forms have higher machining accuracy and a wide range of applications. At present, more than 95% of EDM machine tools at home and abroad have adopted numerical control.


The use of Wire Multi-cut Machine EDM is very good. And the use of this machine is very good. Let us think that there is really a lot to know about using a device. Naturally, some problems are well contained.


In general, when the shape of the punch is regular, the wire cutting process often reserves the connection part (the pause point, that is, a small section of the cutting trajectory line reserved for the workpiece to be completely separated from the rough after the first rough cut. ) Remain in the plane position, after most of the fine cutting is completed, the reserved connection part is cut only once, and then flattened by a fitter, which can reduce the processing cost of the punch in the middle wire cutting. Due to the high hardness and narrow shape of the carbide punch, the processing speed is slow and easily deformed. Especially in the case of irregular shapes, the repair of the reserved connection part brings great difficulty to the fitter.


Therefore, in the middle wire cutting process stage, the process can be appropriately adjusted to achieve the required external dimensional accuracy, and the repair process of the suspension point before the fitter's assembly is eliminated. Due to the high hardness of the hard alloy and the large cutting thickness, the processing speed is slow and the torsional deformation is serious. Most of the external shape processing and the processing of the reserved connection part (pause point) adopt 4 cutting methods, and the cutting parameters and bias of the two parts The displacements are consistent.


The above is the process analysis of EDM wire cutter introduced by Convenient Operation Machine Tool Supplier.

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