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Broken Wire Of Wire Cutting Machine Is Not A Small Problem

Sep. 11, 2019

The development of Wire Cutting Machine Tool technology has become clearer. On the basis of maintaining the advantages of reciprocating wire cutting, we constantly explore and research, and apply new theories and new methods to the new system. The new generation of control systems will be more stable, more practical, simpler and more convenient. The wire cutting machine is used for cutting the key components of the reducer. It has long-term stable high-precision machining performance, which can control the key components of the reducer after the semi-finishing after quenching to the micron level, greatly improving the end. The production capacity of the process equipment, in turn, helps to reduce the passive dependence of the reducer on some foreign imported machine tools during mass production.

Wire Cutting Machine Tool

Wire Cutting Machine Tool

As a CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool Factory, we know that maintenance is to lubricate the machine during the specified period, regularly adjust the parts, and regularly replace the worn parts.

1. Regular lubrication

2. Change regularly

In addition, the use of performance wire cutting fluid can also have a multiplier effect.

The moisture of the wire cutter is first manifested in the decrease of the insulation performance of the equipment and the acceleration of the insulation aging. According to the current medium theory, the increase in ambient humidity causes the dielectric conductivity, relative dielectric constant, and dielectric loss tangent of the dielectric to increase correspondingly, and the breakdown field strength decreases.

It is worth noting that the destruction process of insulation is often brittle under the action of heat, and cracks after being shocked. After the moisture enters the crack, a very low voltage will also cause discharge, causing breakdown of the insulating material. Secondly, with the increase of humidity, the exposed metal conductor generally accelerates the oxidative corrosion, causing the contact resistance at the conductor connection to increase, causing local overheating. Therefore, long-term electrical equipment in a humid environment, if not using moisture-proof measures, its service life will be greatly reduced, causing leakage, short circuit, resulting in serious electrical failures and accidents. Therefore, measures must be taken to prevent the occurrence of oxidation reactions, and to prevent environmental factors from changing and causing damage to electrical properties due to changes in mechanical properties.

A very serious problem in wire-cutting machines - broken wires, which can stop machining, but have to start from the beginning, wasting a lot of work time, destroying the integrity of the machined surface, and increasing the implementation. One process is difficult when no one is operating, and it also hinders the development of the wire cutting process.

Therefore, the study of the cause of broken wire and the method of preventing broken wire have also been a relatively important topic in the research of wire cutting technology in domestic and foreign countries.

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