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Precautions In The Use Of Wire Cutting Machines

Sep. 04, 2019

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CNC Linear Cutting Machines

CNC Linear Cutting Machines

Precautions in the use of wire cutting machines:

Points to note when replacing the inverter wire cutting control cabinet:

In recent years, more and more old fast-moving wire cutting machine users, because of the high failure rate and low efficiency of the machine tool, many users choose to replace the high-frequency control cabinet with the inverter, and our company will be in 2 to 3 months. Changed the customer to nearly 20 units. The effect is good. Some notes on the process of the change are now shared for everyone.

1: Single-phase 220V voltage used in the inverter control cabinet. In the past, the old machine basically used three-phase water pump. Therefore, we need to add a starting capacitor to the pump during the process of changing. Of course, it can be used, but the torque and speed will be greatly reduced, so Change the water pump from the original star connection to the delta connection.

2: If the inverter power used by the inverter control cabinet is not too large (below 700w), the motor should be changed from the original star connection to the delta connection.

3: Because the inverter will generate static electricity, the cabinet and the bed must be grounded. Otherwise, the workers will be charged when they are operating, and they will feel the hemp. The multimeter will also measure the voltage of 70v.

The above three points will often be ignored, or some technologies will not know the cause, so I will share it!

Wire cutting processing method for secondary clamping in part processing shared by CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool Factory:

In the process of machining parts with a wire cutter, sometimes a part of the part has been processed, how can the cutting path be consistent with the size and shape of the machined part in the secondary clamping, and the technical requirements of the part are guaranteed. In the case of the complete processing, let's talk about our processing method with an internal spline as an example.

The basic parameters of the wire cutting processing part are the diameter-controlled short-tooth internal spline of the diameter section DP=10 mm, the number of teeth z=120, and the tooth angle α=45°, and the work piece thickness is 200 mm. The material is 42CrMo. The work piece has 10 teeth formed before the online cutting. In this case, it is difficult to mount the work piece to the state in which the machined tooth shape matches the cutting path. After research, on the DK7740 wire cutting machine.

The following method is used to solve this problem better:

(1) Locker line: Select a complete tooth and mark the center line of the addendum circle on the end face of the tooth.

(2) Mount the work piece on the machine tool, find the horizontal end face, the end jump <0.02mm, and the center line of the tooth top arc drawn as much as possible and fixed in the Y direction of the machine tool.

(3) Drawing programming: The programmed infeed line is determined at the midpoint of the tooth top arc and coincides with the Y axis, sorted in a clockwise direction.

(4) Use the alignment function in the “contact sensing” function to find the center of the unprocessed part. Then, the Y direction is sensed, and the radius of the tip circle is moved in the direction of the center of the circle by the movement function. If it coincides with the center of the uncut part (error < shape tolerance of the workpiece), the center of the circle is determined.

(5) Move the molybdenum wire to the position of the perforation point, take a small electrical standard (mainly to prevent damage to the processed surface during the trial cutting process), and start trial cutting.

(6) What is the position error between the judgment and the actual tooth shape: there is no electric spark on one side and a large electric spark on the two sides. The normal line alignment accuracy is about 0.2 mm, and the initial judgment is 0.1 mm.

(7) Re-drawing programming: Rotate the original image counterclockwise (the cutting path is clockwise) by an angle. The approximate formula can be used: α=arcsin (R is the radius of the tip circle); then determine the perforation point, sort (clockwise constant).

(8) Try again to determine the position error of the actual tooth shape: repeat the steps (5) to (7) until the 1 and 2 surface sparks are uniform.

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