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The Premise Of Realizing The Good Operation Of CNC Wire Cutting Machine

Aug. 23, 2019

CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool is a big equipment in the machine tool industry, and it is also a complicated process technology!

To achieve stable operation of CNC Cutting Machine Tool, we need to understand from many aspects, such as the function of the equipment, the point of force, the transmission system, etc.!

CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

CNC wire cutting machine has three-dimensional node expansion, pipe fitting optimization, pipe fitting, three-dimensional simulation and other functions. Achieve special pipe cutting processes to provide the right solution. The whole frame steel plate is welded, and some parts are casted. It ensures smooth operation, high precision and is not easy to be deformed for a long time. The pallet is carried on the guide rail, so the straightness of the guide rail determines the straightness of the movement. There are two reasons for losing straightness. One is the straightness of the state of the guide rail itself, and the other is the flatness of the guide rail mounting reference surface. The high-precision and stable state of the guide rail, the combination of the pallet and the bed is the fundamental condition for ensuring straightness. The purpose of the high and low temperature and aging treatment of the guide rails, pallets and beds is also here.

Inconsistent rollers (steel balls) will result in fewer points of force or seesaw. The CNC wire cutting machine has a short-circuit protection function. Once a short circuit occurs, the machine table stops moving immediately and remains in place for waiting. However, in the processing of aluminum parts, due to the lightness, softness and difficulty of chip evacuation of aluminum, sometimes the discharge point is transferred from the processing area to the feed block after the short circuit, causing the feed block and the molybdenum wire to have a spark discharge, so despite the work piece and The wire is short-circuited, but the machine discharge state is normal, so the machine will not be short-circuit protected by the short circuit between the workpiece and the molybdenum wire. At this time, the machine tool is still cut according to the normal program, and the work piece cannot be processed because the machine is not discharged. The normal shape and size, only the molybdenum wire pulls out the groove on the soft aluminum workpiece, causing the cutting track to be distorted, resulting in the scrapping of the workpiece.

The transmission system is an important "chord" of CNC wire-cutting machine. It leads the orderly execution of various parts of the machine tool and completes the working mission of the machine tool. It includes tools, transmission machinery and auxiliary power system.

(1) In terms of the tool part, including the protection device, the tool magazine and the tool change device;

(2) As the second largest component of the transmission system - the transmission machinery includes three parts: the ball screw, the linear guide and the worm pair;

(3) The auxiliary power system consists of two parts: the hydraulic system and the starting system. These two parts are the driving force of the CNC machine.

The CNC wire cutting machine keeps the cleanliness of the coolant in time and replaces the new coolant. The filter can be used to filter the impurities in the coolant at the return port of the coolant at the table, and then a sponge is placed at the outlet of the coolant to absorb the cooling. Liquid impurities, the effect is very good. In order to improve the chip removal ability and prevent the processing track from being deformed, detergent and soap pieces can be added to the cooling liquid, so that the washing performance is improved, the chip discharging ability is increased, and the chip discharging state is improved. At the same time, it is necessary to rotate and adjust the position of the feed block in time or replace a new feed block, and often clean the chip particles at the feed block. The CNC wire cutter keeps the good contact state between the molybdenum wire and the feed block, avoiding the The discharge phenomenon occurs, which can effectively avoid the distortion of the cutting track and cause the work piece to be scrapped.

It should be noted that the CNC wire cutter will also move the guide rail due to the irregular movement of the lead screw. For example, the axial direction of the lead screw is not parallel to the guide rail, the center height of the lead screw and the nut is inconsistent, and the screw and the nut are subjected to a space. The torsion force and the bending of the lead screw, etc., will force the hard motion to break the linear motion of the guide rail while the screw is moving. This is what we emphasize to be the screw, the nut, the screw seat and the silk base. The basic reasons for doing the norm.

Understand the many aspects of CNC wire cutting machine, in order to better operate the cutting machine!

If you have any questions, welcome to contact CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool Factory.

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