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How To Use The Wire Cutter Safely And Reasonably?

Aug. 16, 2019

Here is a Electric Spark Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturer talking about how to use the wire cutter safely and reasonably.

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CNC Linear Cutting Machines

CNC Linear Cutting Machines

The wire cutting machine is a processing machine that utilizes the high temperature generated during the discharge between the conductors to melt the metal to form a cutting effect. The discharge electrode is a wire-cut molybdenum wire that is reciprocating up and down. The molybdenum wire is forced to discharge near the metal work piece, and the high temperature of the current causes the metal to melt. The wire cutting working fluid is washed from the top and the chip is cooled and lubricated.

The wire cutting machine is a technology-intensive product and belongs to precision processing equipment. The operator must undergo strict training before using it. In order to use the machine tool safely and effectively, the operator must comply with the following rules:

1. Coordinate with the performance and structure of the machine tool, master the operating procedures and abide by the safety production system;

2. It should be processed within the allowable specifications of the machine tool, not overweight or overtravel;

3. It should be checked frequently whether the knob switch and the reversing switch of the machine tool are safe and reliable, and it is not allowed to work with faults;

4. The specified lubricating oil or grease should be injected into the lubrication part at regular intervals to ensure flexible operation of the mechanism, especially the guide wheels and bearings, which should be regularly inspected and replaced;

5. Before processing, check whether the working fluid in the working fluid tank is sufficient, whether the water pipe and nozzle are unblocked, and there should be no blockage;

6. After work, clean the work area, and the fixtures and accessories should be cleaned and kept intact.

7. Regularly check whether the electrical equipment of the machine tool is damp and reliable, and clean the dust to prevent metal debris from falling into it;

8. Comply with the fixed person setting system and regular maintenance; The wire cutting machine maintains normal and reliable operation and prolongs its service life.

The wire cutter needs to be prepared before cutting:

(1) Place the work piece to be cut smoothly, and mark it directly above the part to be cut.

(2) Place the cutting machine on the work piece and position it with the center rod and the marker rod.

(3) Use the up and down adjustment of the bracket to adjust the height of the overall frame, pay attention to whether the tracking mechanism and the tracking wheel are close to the surface of the work piece, and pay attention to the room for lifting and lowering.

(4) Adjust the height and angle of the cutting torch. Artificial ignition, after preheating the perforation, cutting.

The wire cutting machine can easily cut and process such work pieces without the operator's calculation and programming. It only needs to input the parameters such as the pipe diameter and the intersecting angle of the pipe intersecting system, and can carry out the intersecting lines of various intersecting forms of the main pipe and several branch pipes. Calculate and complete multi-axis linkage control to achieve a variety of complex intersecting line cuts.

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