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What Should You Pay Attention To When Cutting A Wire Machine?

Aug. 08, 2019

Here is a CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool Factory talking about what we should pay attention to when cutting a wire machine.

Now many glass processing companies have applied CNC machining. First, they are drawn in CAD according to the size of the glass to be processed. Since the position of the glass must be the same when drawing and the drawing, the lower left corner of the glass must be set as the origin. After drawing the picture, the software will be converted into a processable program by special software.

CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

Compared to the processing of metal, glass processing is much simpler and has no complicated machining. With the popularization of glass mechanization processing, China will have a large market to develop. Although China's glass machinery industry is currently in the forefront of the development speed and scale, most of them are concentrated in the middle and low-end areas, with low technical level and added value. At present, the precision and complex glass machinery and accessories urgently needed by China's manufacturing industry are the core competitiveness of the products in the future.

Before the CNC glass processing, the equipment must be corrected and returned to zero to check whether the air pressure meets the equipment requirements. Precautions for processing glass for CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool:

1. The tool code must be reset when using a new tool.

2. If there is any error in the size of the finished product, it may be caused by the wear of the tool, and its parameters must be corrected. 3. When selecting a tool, pay attention to the way and direction of the knife to avoid smashing the glass.

4. Pay attention not to be too close to the working area during processing, so as to avoid the device crash when the light-sensitive protection zone is touched.

At present, CNC machining centers are mainly used in furniture glass and automotive glass, and relatively few used in architectural glass. However, with the improvement of the appearance quality requirements of architectural glass, the use of CNC machining centers is also increasing, mainly used in the processing of exposed chamfering grooves, processing of shaped sides.

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