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Wire Cutting EDM Safety Knowledge

Jan. 03, 2020

With the development of technology and society, the so-called "progressive advancement" in the development of the CNC industry, but at this time, most of the friends will often ignore the safety technical procedures of the operation. Here, CNC Cutting Machine Tool Manufacturer will share with friends a bit!

EDM technology is a kind of special processing. It is different from traditional processing technology that requires mechanical force and mechanical energy to cut off. It mainly uses electric energy to realize the processing of materials. Therefore, Wire Cutting Machine EDM technology is not limited by material properties, and can process any hardness, strength, and brittle materials. It plays an important role in the current stage of machining. As a safety technician for wire cutting machine tools, we need to consider these two aspects: on the one hand, life safety, and on the other hand, equipment safety.

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

1) The operator must be familiar with the operation technology of the wire cutting machine. Before starting, the machine should be lubricated according to the lubrication requirements of the equipment.

2) The operator must be familiar with the processing technology of fast-moving wire-cutting machine tools, properly select the processing parameters, and operate in accordance with the prescribed operating sequence to prevent failures such as wire breaks.

3) After the wire storage drum is operated with a hand crank, the rocker should be pulled out in time to prevent the rocker from being thrown out and hurt people when the wire storage drum is rotated. When attaching or detaching the electrode wire, pay attention to prevent the electrode wire from getting stuck. The replaced waste wire should be placed in a prescribed container to prevent it from being mixed into the circuit and the wire feeding system, causing accidents such as electrical short circuits, contacts and wire breaks. Pay attention to prevent wire break and transmission collision due to the inertia of the package. For this reason, when the machine is stopped, press the "Stop" button as soon as possible after the storage drum is replaced.

4)Do not place flammable or explosive items near the machine to prevent accidents caused by sparks caused by insufficient supply of working fluid.

5) Before formal processing of the workpiece, make sure that the workpiece position is installed correctly to prevent collision of the wire rack and over-travel damage to rotating parts such as screw rods and nuts. For workbenches without overtravel limit, prevent overtravel fall accidents.

6) Remove the residual stress of the workpiece as far as possible to prevent the workpiece from bursting and hurting during the cutting process. The protective cover should be installed before processing.

7) Do not press the switch with wet hands or touch the power supply. Prevent conductive materials such as working fluid from entering the electrical parts. In the event of a fire caused by an electrical short circuit, cut off the power first, and immediately use a suitable fire extinguisher such as carbon tetrachloride. Do not use water for fire fighting.

8) When stopping, stop the high-frequency pulse power first, then stop the working fluid, let the electrode wire run for a period of time, and wait for the wire storage cylinder to reverse before stopping the wire. After the work is completed, turn off the main power, clean the workbench and fixtures, and lubricate the machine.

9) When inspecting Wire Cut Machine Tool, machine tool electrical appliances, pulse power, and control system, care should be taken to properly cut off the power to prevent electric shock and damage to circuit components.

10) Regularly check whether the protective grounding of the machine tool is reliable, pay attention to whether any parts are leaking, and try to use the electric shock switch. After turning on the processing power, do not touch the "bed" and "workpiece" at both ends of the power supply with a conductive tool behind your hand to prevent electric shock.

The above is the safety knowledge of EDM, I hope to help everyone.

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