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Working Environment Requirements For EDM

Jan. 09, 2020

According to the different control forms of the electrode wire movement trajectory, EDM machine tools can be divided into three types:

One is the imitation shape control. Before the Wire Cutting Machine is performed, a mold with the same shape as the workpiece is manufactured in advance, and the workpiece blank is clamped on the machine tool table at the same time during the cutting process. Move along the edge of the die to cut the workpiece with the same shape and accuracy;

The other is photoelectric tracking control. Before wire cutting processing, firstly draw a photoelectric tracking chart according to a certain magnification according to the part drawing. During processing, the pattern is placed on the photoelectric tracking table of the machine tool. The head always follows the trajectory of the ink line graphics, and then, by means of electrical and mechanical linkage, controls the machine tool table and the workpiece to make similar movements relative to the electrode wire, so as to cut out the workpiece with the same shape as the pattern;

The other is digital program control, which uses advanced digital automatic control technology to drive the machine tool to automatically complete the processing according to the NC machining program pre-programmed according to the number of workpiece geometries before processing. This type of control has higher machining accuracy and a wide range of applications. At present, more than 95% of domestic and foreign EDM machine tools have been numerically controlled.

Working environment for Wire Cutting Machine EDM processing:

1. Meeting the space requirements of wire cutting machine tools

2. Choose a place that can bear the weight of the machine tool

3. Select a place where vibration and shock are not transmitted. Wire-cut electrical discharge machine tools are high-precision machining equipment. If there is vibration and shock in the place, it will cause serious damage to the machine, which will seriously affect its machining accuracy, shorten its service life, and even cause the machine to be scrapped.

4. Choose a place without dust and avoid flowing next to the aisles. The inherent characteristics of wire-cut electrical discharge machines, the presence of dust in the air, will cause severe wear of the screw rods of the machine, thereby affecting the service life. Wire cutting discharge machines are controlled by computers. The disks used by computers have very strict requirements for dust in the air. When dust enters the disks, the disks will be damaged and the hard disks will be damaged. The wire cutting discharger itself emits a lot of heat, so the electrical cabinet needs to be ventilated frequently. If there is too much dust in the air, it will accumulate on the various electrical components during the ventilation process, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the electrical components, resulting in circuit boards Burned out. Therefore, the dust filter of the machine must be cleaned frequently.

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

Choose a place with a small temperature change, and avoid direct sunlight through windows and roof glass and close to heat flow. Products for high-precision parts processing need to be performed at a constant temperature. Since the wire cutting discharge machine itself generates considerable heat when working, if the temperature changes too much, it will seriously affect the service life of the machine.

The above is the working environment requirements of EDM machining introduced by High-speed CNC Machine Tool Supplier and I hope to help you.

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