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Wire Loss Of Wire Cutting Machine EDM

Dec. 12, 2019

The principle of the Wire Cutting EDM Holes Machine is to cut off the electrical corrosion of the workpiece through the discharge of the electrode wire. Then, in the process of cutting the workpiece, the electrode wire will also be electrically corroded, and the surface will be corroded. When you work in a small pit, the pressure decreases and the quality decreases. This is the loss of molybdenum wire. Where is it mainly reflected? The High-Speed CNC Machine Tool Supplier will give you a detailed introduction below.

The wire loss of a wire cutting machine is divided into two aspects, one is mechanical and the other is electrical.

In terms of machines, the fast-moving and middle-feed wire cutting machine tools on the market accept the layout of reciprocating wire feeding, and the electrode wire runs very fast, and the friction between the guide wheel and the conductive block will affect the wire loss. influences. When the guide wheel and the conductive block are used for a long time, the contact surface between the electrode wire and the conductive block will cut out a groove, thereby increasing the friction between the electrode wire and the conductive block of the guide wheel, increasing wire loss or causing wire breakage. Therefore, the guide wheel and the conductive block should not be greedy and cheap after a long time, and should be replaced in time.

The electrode wire must be genuine, good molybdenum wire has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and tension, which will greatly help reduce wire loss. The most important thing is the use of cutting fluid. In online cutting machine tools, cutting fluids perform chip removal, cooling, and protection of molybdenum wire. Therefore, a good cutting fluid and a suitable cutting fluid will greatly improve the reduction of wire loss.

The EDM wire cutting machine uses multiple cutting processes. The first high current wire cutting uses a slow tracking operation to prevent wire breaks. During the second and third trimming and cutting, the speed-limiting feed operation is performed, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency and surface quality of the machine tool. In consideration of the quality and efficiency of machining, wire-feed EDM machines are increasingly welcomed by the market. In addition to good mid-wire EDM machines, the quality of the working fluid also needs attention.

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

Wire Cutting Machine EDM

One of the concerns of many customers who use EDM machine tools is that the surface quality of the workpiece cut by the machine tool is not very good. So, can the multi-cutting method of middle wire cutting improve the surface quality of the workpiece? What is the number of cuts for a small portion?

The small-volume multi-cut method refers to cutting the same surface more than twice using electrode wires of the same diameter. Before the first cutting, set the fine processing margin first, and then use the remaining fine processing margin for the use of fine finishing conditions. Using the same trajectory program, reduce the offset in stages and then cut the processing. Generally, it can be divided into 1 to 5 cuts. Except for the first treatment, the processing volume is generally gradually reduced from tens of microns, especially the last processing time is more, and the processing volume should be smaller, that is, several microns.

Wire Cutting Machine EDM's multiple cutting can make the workpiece have unmatched surface quality in a single cut, and the more times the workpiece is processed, the better the surface quality. The detailed value is determined by the processing parameters of ordinary wire-cutting wire cutting machine tools. In multiple cutting processes, the first cutting requires large pulse energy to achieve higher processing speed. At this time, there is no special requirement for the processing quality, and the second or third cutting requires a finishing standard and fine-grained classification to achieve the required surface quality and processing accuracy.

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