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CNC Machine Tool—PD-ST Medium-Speed Wire-Moving Control System

Product category: CNC machine tool control system

Product model: PD-ST medium-speed wire movement

Brand: Wenjie CNC

Manufacturer: Taizhou Wenjie CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Product description: The medium-speed wire-moving control cabinet of the Company adopts the multiple cutting technology to carry out major reforms of the high-speed wire-moving control system.

Product Description

Main functions and features:

1. It adopts multiple cutting technology, intelligent control, primary input parameters and automatic switch of machining electrical gauge;

2. The integrated design combines computer control, high-frequency power supply, driving power and electric equipment for machine tools;

3. The dedicated digital control chip design ensures a stable and reliable high-frequency pulse output;

4. The touch-type keyboard design makes it easy to operate and convenient to adjust and makes digital parameter display clear at a glance;

5. The wire storage motor adopts frequency stepless governor, so that the motor runs stably and reliably;

6. The totally-enclosed environmentally-friendly structure is attractive in terms of appearance;

7. The high-grade linear guideway and the ball screw of Taiwan HIWIN are adopted.

Machine tool type PD-32SE/STPD-40SE/STPD-50SE/STPD-63SE/ST
Worktable Size (W*L)760×520mm850×600mm1000×750mm1170×830mm
Max trip of X,Y-axis of the worktable (Y×X)400×320mm500×400mm630×500mm800×630mm
Max cutting thickness250mm250mm300mm300mm
Max load weight300kg500kg800kg1000kg
Max cutting efficiency180mm²/min
Max processing current7A
Optimum surface roughnessFirst cutting Ra≤2.3um, second cutting Ra≤1.6um, third cutting Ra≤1.0um
Cutting accuracyLine≤±0.0025mm, taper≤±0.01mm
Hop accuracy0.01mm/0-200mm、0.015mm/0-350mm、0.02mm/0-500mm
Max cutting taper±3°/80mm
Electrode wire diameter range (molybdenum wire)0.12-0.25mm(standard configuration 0.18mm)
Driving modeX, Y, U, V-axis servo (Panasonic servo) or stepper ( 5-phase 10-pat), Z-axis electric silent elevation
Cutting fluid box configurationHigh pressure slow wire filtration, volume 100L
Cutting fluid ratioDick liquid mixed with pure water, concentration 8-12
Power consumption of complete machine<2KW
Power supplyThree-phase four-wire 380VAC/50HZ
Host weight1860kg2160kg2750kg3450kg
Host outline size (L*W*H)1570×1100×1700mm1600×1220×1700mm1850×1400×1800mm2070×1655×2060mm
Packaging outline size (L*W*H)1720×1300×1800mm1850×1420×1800mm2050×1600×1900mm2340×2100×2160mm