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Problems with EDM CNC Wire Cutting Machine

Mar. 26, 2020

In order to let users know more about the problems of EDM CNC wire cutting machine tools, in order to solve them in time, High-Speed CNC Machine Tool Supplier has integrated the problems of several factories, and I hope to help everyone.

First, the wire can not open the inspection method:

1. First check if there is a relay pull-in. If a relay is released with the spool switch, check the three-phase power line, whether the spool motor is two-phase, whether the fuse is broken, and whether the relay contacts are intact.

2. If there is no relay pull-in, it means that there is a problem with the relay control circuit. The related components are a. Drum switch button b. Machine stop button c. Drum stroke switch, etc. It is important to note that our products also have an emergency stop button on the controller. If this button is pressed, the machine tool barrel cannot be opened. In addition, there is a limit switch on the machine tool electrical board. After all, the switch is turned on and the machine tool can work.

High-Speed CNC Machine Tool

High-Speed CNC Machine Tool

Second, the method of checking the reversing of the spool: The reversing of the spool involves the spool travel switch and two (or one) relays in the machine tool electrical equipment. In general, the travel switch is likely to be broken. The top two of the travel switch are used for reversing the wire tube, the third is used for reversing the high frequency (some models are not), and the fourth is the stop switch.

Third, press the pump switch (or press the high-frequency switch) machine stop inspection method:

1. The machine has a wire-break stop function. To press the water pump switch (or high-frequency switch), you must first wear molybdenum wire. If you do not wear a molybdenum wire, the machine thinks that the wire is broken, that is, it will stop immediately.

2. The broken wire stop wire is connected to an introduction seat.The introduction must be an introduction to metal.If the wire is broken or the guide wheel is replaced with a ceramic guide wheel, it will not work.

3. The broken wire shutdown board is on the machine tool electrical board.There are two transistors on the board.It is generally easy to break. Replace it according to the model.

Fourth, the machine X, Y carriage (or U, V carriage) are out of step inspection methods:

1. This situation is generally caused by the low 24V power supply of the stepper motor. Check whether the 10000uf electrolytic capacitor has failed and whether there is a problem with the 24V bridge stack rectification.

2. If the external power supply is too low, it will cause step loss. Check whether the controller is powered on normally. Consider a 220V regulator.

Fifth, reasons why the EDM machine cannot start

We first determine which device tripped when the machine was turned on:

1. When the wire is tripped, we first check whether the inverter of the electric cabinet is normal. We have to find the manufacturer of the inverter of the wire cutting machine, because the definition of the inverter is different for each manufacturer.

2. When the water pump trips, we need to check whether there is leakage, because the electrical cabinet settings of each manufacturer are different.

3. Start and trip. If the electrical cabinet is open, then trip, then we first try to unplug all the aviation plugs connected to the machine tool, and see if the single-open electrical cabinet trips. If it does not, then we check the inside of the aviation plug. Whether there is a short circuit that causes a short circuit in the electrical cabinet. If it still trips, then we check from the source, first check whether the input voltage is stable, and then see if the relay connected to the power line is short-circuited. Just take a multimeter to see if two items are the same, then check the transformer, then check the rectifier bridge. The above is a more common trip situation.

The simple inspection method is still to communicate with the corresponding Low Loss CNC Machine Tool Supplier for the purchase of the machine tool, because the design of each type of electrical cabinet is different, the brand of the components used is different, and the definition of the aviation plug is different, which will have a certain effect on our own repair. Difficulty, which is why we must sell after-sales guaranteed machines when buying machine tools, because especially for the electrical sector, not every wire cut maintenance master can solve every brand of electrical cabinet.

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