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What is EDM?

Mar. 19, 2020

EDM is used in mechanical processing in various industries. So what is so-called EDM and does EDM have its own characteristics and advantages? Is it essentially the same concept as wire cutting? Lightning point can easily cut a tree, so EDM also has certain power. It is precisely because of this characteristic that it is used in machining. So what is so-called EDM, and does EDM processing have its own What are the characteristics and advantages of it? Is it essentially the same concept as wire cutting? The following High-Speed CNC Machine Tool Supplier will give you a popular science.

Electric spark is a kind of self-excitation discharge. Its characteristics are as follows: There is a high voltage between the two electrodes of the spark discharge before the discharge. When the two electrodes are close to each other, the spark discharge occurs immediately after the dielectric is broken down. With the breakdown process, the resistance between the two electrodes decreases sharply, and the voltage between the two electrodes decreases sharply. The spark channel must be extinguished in time after being maintained for a short period of time (usually 10-7-10-3s) in order to maintain the "cold pole" characteristic of the spark discharge (that is, the thermal energy converted by the channel energy is too late to reach the electrode depth), Channel energy acts on a very small range. The effect of channel energy can make the electrode locally corroded. The method of dimensional processing of materials by utilizing the corrosion phenomenon generated during spark discharge is called electric discharge machining. EDM is a spark discharge in a liquid medium in the lower voltage range.

Features of EDM

1.Can process materials and complex shaped workpieces that are difficult to cut by ordinary cutting methods;

2.No cutting force during processing;

3.No shortcomings such as burrs and knife marks;

4.The tool electrode material does not need to be harder than the workpiece material;

5.Direct use of electrical energy processing for easy automation;

6.removed in some applications;

7.The purification of working fluid and the processing of smoke pollution during processing are troublesome.

So are EDM and wire cutting a concept? EDM machine tools are just a collective name. They are specifically divided into EDM machine tools and Wire Cutting EDM Holes Machine. EDM machine tools are used in mold processing. The processing principle of the two is the same, both use the current positive and negative electrode contact discharge to generate high temperature to melt the metal, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. EDM can only process metal parts. There is almost no cutting force during machining, and there is no special requirement for the hardness of the machined parts.

Wire Cutting EDM Holes Machine

Wire Cutting EDM Holes Machine

Wire cutting machine tools are divided into fast-moving and slow-moving. As the name suggests, it is based on the speed of the electrode wire movement. The fast-moving wire generally uses molybdenum wire as the electrode wire for recycling. Relatively high processing efficiency and low accuracy. Slow walking wire uses copper wire as the electrode wire, which has low processing efficiency and high accuracy, and it is generally cut 3-4 times. High processing costs. Wire cutting uses electrode wires to reciprocate, cutting parts like a saw. The disadvantage is that it can only process parts that penetrate vertically.

EDM is divided into forming machine tools and Drilling Machine EDM. The molding machine mainly uses the formed electrode to process the cavity of the part, and can process the blind hole. The most commonly used electrode material is copper graphite, copper tungsten alloy, silver tungsten alloy can also be used as electrode material, but the cost is higher. The machining has almost no cutting force, and the quenched material has no effect on the machining. Generally, it is finished as semi-finishing. Disadvantages Low processing efficiency For non-ferrous metals such as cemented carbide, the processing efficiency is extremely low. The punching machine is mainly used to penetrate small holes. The use of hollow copper pipes has higher efficiency and lower accuracy. It is generally used as an auxiliary machine for wire cutting.

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