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Economical and Practical Medium-Speed Wire-Moving Linear Cutting Machine Tool

Product category: Economical and Practical Medium-Speed Wire-Moving Linear Cutting Machine Tool

Product model: EP-ST

Brand: Wenjie CNC

Manufacturer: Taizhou Wenjie CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Product Description

Economical and Practical Medium-Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine

Wire Cut EDM main features:

1. The wire cut EDM adopts the integrated computer programming and intelligent control so that the system will automatically generate data by entering material thickness and machining requirements only, without the need for manual adjustment;

2. The high-speed wire-moving type is economical and practical;

3. The constant-tension wire-winding device improves wire-moving performance;

4. The tailor-made gemstone nozzle enhances the stability of wire movement;

5. The running wire adopts the line guideway variable-frequency governor of Taiwan HIWIN to ensure reasonable wire-moving speed.

The Practical Application Range of Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining

1. All conductive materials can be discharged

2. The highest precision of EDM electrical discharge machining can reach +/— 0.005mm surface roughness up to mirror surface

3. Stations that cannot be processed by traditional machining can generally be completed by electrical discharge machining

4. The discharge station can be a cavity of various large plastic moulds, or it can be a small hole or groove with a width of 0.1MM.

What is the classification of wire EDM?

There are three types of EDM: fast wire cutting, medium wire cutting, and slow wire cutting.

The principle of "Quick Wire" is to use 6-12m / s as a high-speed reciprocating motion during roughing. Because the electric grade wire is used reciprocally, it will cause electrode wire loss, processing accuracy and surface quality are reduced.


"Medium wire-cutting" is a composite wire-cutting wire cutting machine. It uses 8-12m / s for high-speed reciprocating movement during roughing and 1-3m / slow-speed wire-feeding during finishing, so that the work is relatively stable and the jitter is small.


"Slow wire walking" means that the wire walking speed during roughing is 0.2mm / s, and the electrode wire moves at a low speed in one direction, so its cutting accuracy is very high.

Wire cut EDM machine configuration:

▲ Power supply It adopts advanced and unique pulse power supply, which can output super-large current, achieve high speed, output ultra-small pulse width, and realize high precision and high finish.

▲ Servo X, Y-axis drive adopts imported famous brand AC servo drive system, closed-loop control, processing accuracy is more stable, and the accuracy of multiple cutting is higher.

▲ Newly developed numerical control system, international brand industrial control machine, cutting software can control the wire speed and high-frequency parameter output according to the material and thickness of the workpiece processed by the user, which greatly improves the finish after multiple cutting. And can stably reach Ra≤0.8um.

▲ Constant tension After a long-term experiment, the newly designed bidirectional constant tension wire tension mechanism can greatly improve the stability of the wire transport, the jitter of the electrode wire is smaller, and the dynamic constant expansion force can be maintained even with a large taper cutting, It can realize the processing of workpiece with higher-finish).

▲ Precision The X and Y axes use Japanese THK or Taiwan high-precision linear guide rails, double-nut ball screws, with the function of pitch reverse gap compensation, which greatly improves positioning accuracy.

▲ Reversing The operation of the wire barrel uses high-precision ball screws, which improves the service life of the wire transport mechanism. The frequency conversion speed regulation adopts the French Schneider frequency converter, which guarantees the stability and reliability of the speed regulation and commutation of the wire barrel.

▲ Strength Column type low gravity center T-shaped bed structure, high strength resin sand casting. The main machine has sufficient rigidity and strength so that the accuracy of the machine tool can be guaranteed for 5-10 years.

▲ Taper The patented four-link technology realizes large-angle taper cutting at any angle.

▲ Environmental protection Fully enclosed shield, wire path has a waterproof joint and wire splash protection device, which can effectively reduce the splash of cutting fluid during processing and protect the environment.

▲ Convenience The host control is equipped with a manual control box, which makes the operation more convenient. Intuitive, clear, and practical full Chinese interface, realizing man-machine dialogue. The industrial computer is equipped with an RS232 communication interface and a USB interface and has a LAN interconnection function.

▲ Lubrication The whole machine adopts a central lubrication system, which allows the operator to easily perform daily maintenance on the machine tool and prolong the service life of the machine tool.

▲ Service The sales service network throughout the country provides professional technical advice, fast and effective maintenance services, and free training from theory to application all year round.

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